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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

It's really common to feel pressure finishing a book. Everyone says it's a classic - "simply a masterpiece", yet you think these pages would be more useful as toilet paper. Whatever others may say, there is no point in reading a book if you don't enjoy it. If you're not having fun with it, DNF it!

If you are unsure whether or not you should DNF a book, you have already answered your question. The fact that you are debating throwing your book across a wall is proof enough that it's time to put the story down. However, if you need more of a push, this is when I decide to DNF a book:)

None of the characters are likeable or interesting

This is very vague, I know. What I simply mean by this is that if you get to a point where you don't care what happens to the characters at all...maybe it's worth finding another read. I felt like this with Wuthering Heights - there was not a single character that I found remotely intriguing.

The reading feels like a chore

Reading should ideally be enjoyable. Unless you have to read something for school. If you find your current read a drag, maybe it's time to switch it up. If you're just tired after a long day, however, may be cut the book some slack. But if you find no enjoyment in picking up the title, it's time to put it away.

You're struggling to follow - stay engaged

When I start skimming the words and pages, it's usually because I'm bored. When I notice that I'm not really hooked to a story, I strongly consider DNFing a book.

Remember, just because it's a "classic" doesn't mean it's for everyone. If everyone loved the same books, the book community would be super boring. Your reading experience should be fun. So regardless of how much people rave about it, if you hate the book, just DNF it!

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