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Avoid Amazon - Online Bookstore Recs

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Don't get me wrong, Amazon is super convenient. However, when it comes to books, there are so many other great online stores. Especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, supporting independent businesses is more important than ever. There are also many other more sustainable options available (that are more affordable!)

I'll leave a link to each website:)

None of these businesses has paid me to promote them - these are resources that I have personally used and enjoyed!

Let's get started!


Pretty easy to find! I've used a Bookshop many times before. I'm pretty sure it's available in the US as well as the UK. The bookshop is an online store that supports local bookshops. It has carbon neutral delivery and every time you purchase a book, it informs you how much you have contributed towards supporting local book businesses.

You can just type in the book you're looking for or there's an option to search for a specific independent bookshop!

You can find my own affiliate bookshop here!

I also love how it tells you whilst shopping how much money is being generated for local businesses. Whenever I have ordered from this website, my books have always come quite quickly.

There are always themes and genre recs displayed on the site such as Women in Translation Month #womenintranslation

I have personally not experienced any problems with this website - I highly recommend it for online book shopping!

World of Books

As much as I love books, it can be frustrating how expensive they can be. Sometimes I'll pay for a book that was a bit too pricey and I ended up not liking it. However, we have World of Books!

World of Books is an online website where you can buy affordable second-hand books.

For example, above I'm looking at crime and mystery books. It tells you how many books they have available as well as the condition they are in. They are so many categories to browse and it just makes buying books so much more affordable. So many second-hand books are in great condition and if they aren't, the price will often be a lot lower.

World of Books is a great option if you want to be more sustainable with your books. Also, if you studying English and you have to buy loads of classics, often it makes more sense to buy second-hand copies. I've rarely had to pay more than £5 per book.

A Box of Stories

Every year, 77 million books don't hit the shelves simply due to a limited marketing budget. This website is an online book subscription service where you can get four surprise books in the genre you choose.

You have the option for a one-time purchase if you just want to try it out.

There are many different genres to choose from such as crime, light reads and historical fiction. This would always make an awesome gift for a bookworm!

I'm done with these books...what should I do with them?

Unfortunately, I don't have an infinite amount of bookshelves. I prefer to prioritise my space for my TBR and favourite reads. These are some options on how to say goodbye to the books you don't want to hold onto anymore

Charity Shops

Research your local area and see if any charity shops are happy to accept donations. Usually, if your books are in good condition, they will be accepted. It frees up your space at home and gives someone else the chance to discover their next read! If you didn't like the book, someone else probably will.


This website also has an app that makes selling your books so easy. I've used it once before and was able to sell my unwanted books so I could afford to buy more!

The books you sell on Ziffit are re-homed. If they are badly damaged, they are responsibly recycled. I'll attach more information below!

Books That Matter

Another box subscription service that I have used and ADORED! This is a feminist subscription box that has a different theme each month along with different sustainable goodies!

I love how this box includes goodies from little independent businesses. I received so much value for money. The above photo was my November box. This would make such a brilliant gift for your fellow bookworms!

I've attached resources that I've personally used and enjoyed. If you have any other independent bookshop recs, feel free to comment below to help out your fellow bookworms.

Happy Reading!

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