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Fredrik Backman | Current Favourites

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

One of my current favourite authors at the moment is Fredrik Backman. So far, I've consistently loved every book he's written. There are still a few left I need to read but for now, I want to write about my current favourites.

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A Man Called Ove

TW: This book does mention topics such as suicide

This is one of the most endearing and beautiful books I think I have ever read. I think it's impossible to not love Ove from the first few pages. Being invested in the protagonist is key and with this book, I felt very protective over Ove.

The relationship between Ove and the little cat was adorable. I remember whilst reading, I absorbed every single word - I didn't want the story to end. This was only the second Backman book I read but I knew it would be a firm favourite. I've yet to come across another bookworm who didn't enjoy this read. At first, you may find the character Ove a bit frustrating. However, I promise you that over time, you will grow to love him.

Anxious People

This book was such a joy to read - I was instantly hooked. Much like after A Man Called Ove, I nagged many people to read this book.

Anxious People is the perfect page-turner. As the chapters are also quite short, it feels impossible to put down. From the first few pages, you already have so many questions.

There are so many different layers to this book. Backman seems to be the master of blending comedy and heartbreak - nicely complimenting the other.


TW: This book does cover the topic of rape so please don't pressure yourself to read this one.

Unlike the other two books mentioned, this one is not a comedy. It was great to see the level of range Backman has with different genres. When an author can deliver exceptionally well-written stories across a range of different themes, you can tell they are very talented.

Backman knows how to hook his readers. For those of you who have also read this one, you'll know that I mean when I say that the first page was gripping.

Britt-Marie Was Here

If you enjoyed A Man Called Ove, this book will be your cup of tea. Britt-Marie is the female version of Ove which I just LOVE!

Whilst reading, I just wanted to get Britt-Marie a lifetime supply of bicarbonate of soda. I think I felt more protective over this character than I did with Ove. The little relationship with the rat just melted my heart. I rarely get so emotional with books but Backman consistently makes me tearful.

Even though this book is at the bottom of the list, just know that I hold all of these books in very high regard. They are all brilliant in their ways.

Backman TBR

My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry

Us Against You

And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer

The Deal Of A Lifetime

Things My Son Needs To Know About The World

Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts?

Happy Reading!

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