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The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

Rom-Com | Contemporary | Paranormal

'Everything that dies never really goes. In little ways, it all stays.'


I have been trying to read more rom-com recently from The Love Hypothesis to The Hating Game. To be honest, it's not usually a genre I go for. After reading a few, they all kind of blurred together, following an identical structure and pace so I got bored.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with The Dead Romantics because Poston gave a classic rom-com a creative twist. It was very different from others in this genre; the originality of it was refreshing. Grief and loss are beautifully explored throughout and I would argue, is the crux of this book. If you are someone like me who wants to read more rom-com, this is an excellent book to start. Despite the spooky elements in this book, it's not creepy at all; just slightly heartbreaking.

Flo is probably the most relatable protagonist I've read in a while; especially when referring to coffee as her 'zoom zoom juice'. The entire book isn't completely focused on some feud between two love interests. I feel like the romance comes across in a more natural way.

Overall, an original, well-written rom-com that's worth checking out!


Florence Day is a ghostwriter for a very successful romance series. Lately, writing romance just feels impossible. It doesn't help when the new executive editor, Benji Andor, demands a manuscript asap. When personal tragedy strikes, Flo has to go home, trying to ignore all the deadlines. But when the ghost of her editor suddenly appears at her doorstep, Flo has to figure out how to help him 'pass over'.


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