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The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Thriller | Suspense | Mystery

'A lie. I'd almost forgotten how they feel on my tongue, slick and sickening.'

This is the third book I have read by Ruth Ware so I can confidently say that her writing is consistent and gripping. She is one of those contemporary thriller writers you can always depend on to write a great story. Thrillers are my go-to genre as I personally find it so much easier to fall into the mystery. I nearly binge read this book as each chapter just left you asking more questions - every time I felt confident that I had a handle on the mystery, something else would be thrown into the mix.

There were certain puzzles of the story that I was able to figure out but that is not the fault of the writing but perhaps me reading too many Christie books! The Turn of the Key is still my favourite Ware book to date but I'm still so glad I finally made time to read this one.

This book is perfect for fans of Janice Hallett, Lucy Foley and Riley Sager. It's a classic thriller in the sense that it has exciting plot twists and fascinating characters! As it's now 2022, I need to organise my TBR to add the rest of Ware's books.



Three words. That's all it took to get Isa Wilde to drop everything and visit her close group of friends from school. She hadn't seen them in years. But the moment Isa received a text with those three words, she had no choice...


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