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The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Thriller | Mystery | Crime

'Whatever The Twyford Code is, it's not public knowledge.'

I remember reading The Appeal in 2021 and being completely blown away. Not only was the overall concept original, but Hallett's writing made the book impossible to put down. Naturally, I was a little bit apprehensive when reading The Twyford Code as I was worried it would not live up to her first book.

Janice Hallett is an author everyone should be watching. Her stories are refreshing, unique and the ultimate page-turners. It can be really difficult with thrillers today as many stories can appear repetitive. However, I think Hallett has found a way to breathe more life into the thriller genre. As the reader, you feel actively involved in solving the mystery. Hallett provides you with all the resources and clues and you feel like a detective trying to solve the case.

The Twyford Code is a book I want to re-read purely to spot all the clues I missed. The Appeal was a series of emails between suspects but in this new book, the correspondences are voice messages. I thought the overall concept was so clever!

This book is perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Ruth Ware and Lucy Foley.

If you are someone who wants to read more but struggles to stay hooked to a story, I would highly recommend you check out Hallett's work. The Appeal is already available to purchase. I was so pleased that The Twyford Code lived up to my expectations. Janice Hallett is without a doubt, a very talented writer. I am so excited to read her work in the future!



I need your help in investigating a case. There is a missing person and an iPhone 4 is among a number of items discovered. There is nothing on there but a series of audio files. Call me when you have listened to them...

The Twyford Code is set to be published on the 13th January 2022! You can preorder your own copy at the links below:)


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