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The Kingdom by Jo Nesbø

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Thriller | Mystery | Crime

'We desire what we see others around us desiring.'

The last time I read a book by Nesbø, it was The Snowman. I found that book to be deeply eerie and gripping so I was excited when I came across this title. This book is separate from the Harry Hole series and honestly, I was obsessed by the cover!

I was inspired by one of my favourite bookstagrammers @crimebythebook to read more of Nesbø's work. I would highly recommend her incredible blog which I will link here

The Kingdom is more of a slow-paced thriller but incredibly atmospheric. I usually struggle with books that aren't fast-paced but I found the characters so intriguing. The relationship between Roy and Carl was fascinating - I could have easily read another hundred pages just focusing on the dynamic between them. It was a story where I just had more and more questions.

There were patches in this book that genuinely shocked me. Without giving any spoilers, the book took a strong direction that I did not anticipate. This, for me, made this story all the more addictive and thrilling. It reminded me why I enjoyed The Snowman so much and I'm kicking myself that it's taken so long to pick up another Nesbø book. It ticked so many boxes and is a perfect book to read whilst snuggled up with your favourite hot drink!



Roy and Carl are brothers. Their bond grows stronger after witnessing the sudden death of their parents. Both deal with their grief differently. Carl travels around the world whilst Roy stays in his sleepy little town in Norway, working at a service station. One day, Carl returns with his new wife, Shannon, and have plans to set up a luxurious hotel in the town.

Dark secrets once long-buried start to emerge. The arrival of Carl sets a series of events that Roy is forced to confront...


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This photo is from my own Instagram @readwithmims & @jemima_reads

Have a wonderful day! I hope you are all enjoying your current reads!

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